where can i buy finast from Does getting a tattoo hurt?

This is a common question that people ask all the time. Modern techniques and equipment allow the needles to travel in and out of your skin very quickly. Normal conversations can be held while receiving your tattoo.

source site How much does it cost?

Prices of tattoos vary depending upon the size and design. Simple and small tattoos will cost around $50 – $80. Come into the shop for a quote on all styles and designs. The larger and more complex the tattoo the larger the price will be. ​

http://theaumf.org/fellows/awards-and-grants Is it safe?

The Winchester Tattoo Company uses a disposal sanitary tattoo system. Each instrument is new before going into a high pressure, high temperature autoclave for approximately one hour. Everything is disposed of after every tattoo, and the entire area sanitized. Our procedure consists of individually wrapped instruments that are only opened in front of you.

Can I bring my own custom design?

Any design you can think of can be made into a beautiful piece of artwork at The Winchester Tattoo Company. We are proud to be a custom design tattoo parlor. ​

Can you fix/cover-up a bad tattoo I have?

Yes, our artists have the skills necessary to be fix and cover tattoos. A consultation is required to determine what type of imagery is necessary to cover or fix the old work.

Do you tattoo minors?

No, we check photo identification.